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Nintendo bundles Mario Kart 7 with a 3DS XL for $200

In the run up to Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend, Nintendo decided to entice gamers into purchasing a 3DS (not XL with a new bundle. The 3DS on its own sells for around $179.99 without a game, but Nintendo reduced that to $169.99 and threw in a copy of Super Mario 3D Land. The only caveat being you don’t get the cartridge for the game as it was preloaded on the 3DS.

Now Thanksgiving is over, and if you managed to find and purchase that 3DS bundle you may now be kicking yourself. Nintendo has decided to do the same thing with the 3DS XL for an extra $30.

You can find a 3DS XL without a bundle game for anywhere between $199-$220 at the moment. But Nintendo is now offering the XL with a copy of Mario Kart 7 for $199.99, effectively giving you the game for free. The game is preloaded just like the 3DS offer, and the XL you’ll get is the Blue/Black variety.

What doesn’t make sense is why Nintendo decided to offer the 3DS bundle last week and then not mention the 3DS XL version until now. From using both I’d definitely choose the XL, in fact there’s 6 reasons why the 3DS XL is better.

As we’re so close to Christmas parents are on the hunt for bargains, so I expect both of these 3DS packs will be quite hard to find in stock. The larger online retailers are your best bet I’d imagine. And if this is the excuse you need to upgrade from a 3DS to an XL, transferring your data across is a simple process.

Nintendo via G4TV

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