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GTA V confirmed for Spring 2013 release

Speculation has been growing as to when Rockstar will get around to announcing the release date for Grand Theft Auto V. And while we don’t have a specific release date yet, we do now have a confirmed release window.

Rockstar has announced via its Newswire that GTA V is set to launch in Spring 2013, which means we’ll see it hit store shelves at some point between March and May next year.

Details about the game remain thin, but Rockstar has now confirmed it will be set in Southern California and the city of Los Santos. The developer is also promising the largest game world they have ever created, which is some claim considering previous games in the series haven’t exactly been small.

As with GTA IV, if you’re a PC gamer you are going to be left waiting, probably many months. Rockstar is initially releasing the game only on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There’s also no mention of the Wii U, but maybe that will come later, too? Nintendo’s hardware should certainly be up to the task, but I doubt the game would make good use of the tablet controller unless Rockstar tweaked it.

We won’t have to wait too long to find out an official release date as Rockstar is set to open pre-orders from November 5. It would be unusual not to see a release date listed next to a pre-order, so hopefully we’ll find out next week, and hopefully it’s in March. Rockstar has also promised November is the month when a lot more detail about the game will be revealed.

Read more at Rockstar

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