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Handy Translator Rings For Sci Fi Fans

If you have ever wanted to learn the language of Klingon, Cyberglyph or Huttese but never really had the time or the opportunity then maybe these rings could help you out. Each ring covers a different language and has two spinners that line up the various letters allowing the user to translate text. It might take a while, but this is cool gift idea for any sci-fi fan.

These are the details on the different rings with related features;

Klingon Translator (Star Trek) Spinner Ring – Black – Feedback from Klingon fans and Trekkies in general has been great. This is a pretty cool addition to any collection.

Cyberglyph Translator (Transformers) Spinner Ring – Black – Now you can quickly and easily translate from English to Cyberglyph, and vice/versa.

Huttese Translator (Star Wars) Spinner Ring – Black – Jabba the Hutt spoke one of the more common languages in the galaxy… Huttese. The pod racing scene in Episode 1 was full of this spoken language.

These cool translator rings will cost around 9 in the UK and $13 in the US.

Source [Shop Retro Works]

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