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Grandmother gate crashes Surface event in Beijing

Yesterday was Microsoft’s big launch day for both Windows 8 and its Surface tablet. No one was expecting any trouble surrounding the launch, but Microsoft was running events around the world to try and spread the word about its new OS and gadget.

In Beijing, a Surface event was held in the evening. The entertainment kicked off at midnight and involved music and a stage show. As is usually the case at such events, they are loud, and those living nearby are just expected to put up with it for a few hours.

One set of grandparents decided to protest, though. Today is a school day after all, and they had grandchildren trying to sleep. Poor sleep means poor results at school, so they gate crashed the event, jumped up on stage, and attempted to shut down the whole thing in a bid for silence.

It was a non-violent protest, but it still took two security guys to drag the grandmother off stage. At one point she was pushed to the ground, but quickly got up and proceeded to try and make it back on to the stage. The grandfather appeared later, but was less successful at diverting attention away from the dancers.

Microsoft won’t be too pleased they made it to the stage, but they surely aren’t complaining about the extra coverage this is affording Surface in the local press and online. However, you do have to call into question the logic behind holding this event at midnight rather than early evening.

via Kotaku

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