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Concept refrigerator without doors

So, this happened. Student of Massey University come up with concept refrigerator, which simply do not have entrance doors. Moreover, throughout those spots of the fridge, where there is not any food, there is no cooling. This can be reasonable, power efficient and worthwhile prize Worldwide Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Award. As opposed to the classic field with a front door, refrigerator consists of unique heptagonal honeycomb. The door every single cell enables inside placed food as well as beverages. When another mobile or portable gets a product, refrigerator actually starts to cool that. As a fridge has a shallow depth, it is owner can observe everything that can be inside the “hundreds.Inch So, such, a refrigerator will not let you to stop something beyond food and lose focus on about it. This is a great idea as well as bad, is going to be evaluated through the user.

Concept refrigerator without doors 01

Concept refrigerator without doors 02

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